Everything You Need to Know About Fuse to Breaker Upgrades

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For many years, Jem Electric Services has helped home and business owners plan for (and implement) smart fuse to breaker upgrades; that take into consideration your buildings safety and scalability. We put your needs first by keeping the lines of communication open throughout the whole process, and by guaranteeing the work we do for you. Each certified electrician on our team has been hand selected, carefully trained, and equipped to respond to your requests quickly and professionally; we propose affordable solutions and set dates according to your schedule.

5 Good Reasons To Replace a Fuse Box

If your current home (or the one you intend to purchase) relies on old fuse technology to protect your investment from electrical fires and other possible damage, you may be thinking about switching to a modern electrical box. Here are 5 good reasons to make that switch:

  1. Your insurer is charging you the highest possible premium price because outdated electrical breaker technology puts you at risk for shocks, burns, electrocutions and fires.
  2. You would like to increase the amount of power entering your home.
  3. You are building an addition to your property, are installing brand new appliances, or you need more outlets to limit the use of extension cords and outlet splitters.
  4. Your sensitive equipment needs protection from power surges that can cause irreversible damage and data loss.
  5. You want peace of mind knowing that your electrical box won’t fail or hurt your business or the ones you love.
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What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Electrical Repair Service to Replace Your Breaker Panel

Before you can install an electrical subpanel or make changes to your electrical panel box, you need to apply for and receive the right permits, know exactly what you are working with, and have a clear idea of what this process entails. When changes are being made to a circuit breaker box, electrical experts are required (by law) to bring supportive wiring up to code and replace any components that are in violation with strict safety standards.

During a free consultation, we’ll assess your current breaker panel and the surrounding breaker box wiring at no charge. Since each home and business has different electricity demands, goals, and existing cabling setups, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to replace a circuit breaker. Allow us to outline your options so you can weigh the pros and cons (and expenses) of a breaker switch. This will allow you to plan for any additional construction fees that might be needed if rewiring or re-location of any conduits is necessary.

To receive a comprehensive estimate, set up your free consultation with the city’s leading experts in fuse to breaker upgrades—right now. We look forward to putting our innovative engineering and advanced machinery to work for you.